Sunday, April 9, 2017

A LASIK Story to Share

“My husband and I came in for our yearly exams as we always do. He was interested in LASIK. It had never really crossed my mind until he inquired about it. We both decided to come in for consultations. Come to find out, I was a candidate and he wasn’t. While my husband was kind of bummed that he couldn’t have it done it reaffirmed to him and me that not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. I decided right then and there to have it done and couldn’t be happier with the results. I was back at work on Monday seeing my computer and everything wonderfully!”

If you or some you know is tired of the hassle of glasses or contact lenses for seeing at distance and would like to find out if LASIK might be a good vision correction option, please call Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center at 219-464-8223, or visit Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center, Google+ or for Free LASIK Consultation.

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