Sunday, August 2, 2015

Schedule Kids Eye Exams Before School By Scott Buck, M.D.

It is tough to believe that we are winding up another summer and the kids and their parents are gearing up to begin the school year once again. As we prepare the “back to school checklist” to get the kids ready, remember that eye exams for kids going back to school are an important part of back to school “readiness” tasks.  Children today live in a visually intense and demanding environment whether in the classroom, reading, writing, studying, using computers and even for after school activities like sports. Most important to keep in mind is that children use their eyes and vision as critical tools in their learning process, no matter what the activity.  We need to make sure their eye health and vision are right each year as childrens’ vision frequently changes during their school years.
Regular eye exams can detect these changes or any eye problems that might hinder their overall well being and academic performance.

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