Monday, July 17, 2017

LASIK Again in a Heartbeat!

“If someone had asked me if I would ever be glasses and contact lens free I would have thought they were crazy.  It got to the point where my contacts were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear them anymore.  I asked Dr. Buck what I could do because I really hated to wear glasses too.  He recommended having LASIK.  I am 38 and knew down the road a few years I would need reading glasses.  At this point I didn’t care about reading glasses as long as I could get rid of distance glasses and contacts.  Besides I would have a few good years before that would happen anyways.  After the preliminary testing Dr. Buck said I was a good candidate.  I scheduled surgery, surprisingly for the next week and was ready to go.  Best thing I have ever done and if I had to do it over I would in a heartbeat!”

If you or some you know is tired of the hassle of glasses or contact lenses for seeing at distance and would like to find out if LASIK might be a good vision correction option, please call Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center at 219-464-8223, or visit Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center, Google+ or for a Free LASIK Consultation.  

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