Monday, January 18, 2016

My Cataract Story

“I am a very active grandmother of 6 grandkids. My time is precious to me. Four days a week I babysit for three of my grandkids. So when I was told that I had cataracts I was worried about the time I would have to rearrange my babysitting schedule. I was so relieved and surprised to find out that the procedure was as fast as it was. I went in to the surgery center at 7am and was home resting comfortably by 9:30am! My vision was a little cloudy for the first few days but that was no big deal. Now i don’t rely on my glasses as much and colors are so bright and vibrant. I was back to watching my grandkids just a couple of days later.”

If you or someone you know suffers from cloudy, blurry vision with night vision problems or fading of colors you should be checked for cataracts and learn more about cataract surgery and lens implants. Please call Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center at 219-464-8223, or visit Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center, Google+ or to schedule an appointment.

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