Monday, April 27, 2015

LASIK Cost Decision Was Tough

We received the following note about the decision to have LASIK from one of our patients…..

“For a very long time I considered LASIK. I wasn’t nervous about the procedure at all.  Being a long time patient of Dr. Buck I was confident that he would do a great job.  My issue was justifying spending the money on it.  I will be honest in that I am somewhat of a frugal person.  Not one to spend money frivolously. I had put off having LASIK.  I had worn glasses and contacts for what seemed like forever. I was actually in the waiting room of Dr. Buck’s office waiting to be called back for my exam.  I overheard a patient, who recently had LASIK done, and she was ecstatic at the quality of her vision and couldn’t believe she waited so long to have it done.  Right then I made the decision to talk to Dr. Buck about the procedure and see if I was a good candidate.  Low and behold I was.  Less than three weeks later I was no longer wearing glasses and couldn’t be happier.  It is worth every penny and wish I had it done sooner!"
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