Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Be Aware of Cataract Night Driving Problems

Seniors with night driving problems or difficulty should be aware of how much cataracts can disturb night vision. In fact for many active patients who wish to drive at dusk or in dim light, the challenges of cataract night driving problems can be quite troubling.

Night Driving Problems

Driving at night can be difficult even for even those seniors with healthy eyes and normal vision. Dim or reduced lighting can cause you to misjudge distances and boundaries like the edge of the road, the entrance to a ramp or even the time needed to stop when a car in front of you engages their brakes. Night driving coupled with the cloudiness and night glare created by a cataract further diminishes your vision. If you are at a point where you are fearful of night driving or feel unsafe when driving at night, and been told that you have the beginning of a cataract it might well be time to consider whether cataract surgery might be a good option to help you regain your night driving comfort level and safety.

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