Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Myths about Sunglasses & Sun Eye Protection

Myth #1-The Darker the Sunglasses the Better the Protection
WRONG! The amount of UV protection sunglasses and UV protecting eyeglass lenses provides is not related in any way to their darknesses or lens color. If you make sure that the lenses are labeled “100 % UV Protection,” you can choose whatever color or darkness you wish and be fully protected.

Myth #2-Staring at the Sun Can Damage Your Eyes
For certain, staring at the sun is bad for your eyes and exposes you to the risks of various types of eye injury. First, excessive sunlight and UV expose can distort your vision. But more importantly, over exposure to UV light can cause photokeratitis-which is“sunburn” of the cornea, as well as damaging the delicate tissue around the eyes causing certain types of skin cancer. Further, too much UV sunlight can hasten the formation of cataracts and age related macular degeneration (AMD).

Keep in mind, 100% UV protection should be worn all the time, even in winter time when the sun reflects off the snow. Believe it or not almost half of adults simply don’t wear sunglasses! And, make sure you provide UV protective eyewear for kids…they need the protection 3 x more than adults!!

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