Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Indiana LASIK Surgeon on Getting the Best Results

Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center LASIK Surgeon Scott Buck, M.D. shared advice to help you get the best LASIK results. 

Make Sure That You Are a Good Candidate 

There is simply no way to find out if you are a good LASIK candidate-or a good candidate for any type of laser eye surgery-without having a thorough eye exam and consultation that includes very specific measurements of the shape and thickness of your cornea as well a critical evaluation of the health and quantity of your tears. You cannot tell if you are a good candidate from a phone call or knowing your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. We always ask that patients come in for a consultation-which allows them to personally meet with us in order to feel comfortable and have all of their questions answered. 

Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon

There are many qualified LASIK surgeons. But if you take the time to investigate and ask around, you will find those that take the time to meet with every patient before, during and after their LASIK procedure as well having more than ten years of years of performing LASIK for patients from throughout our community. This long term experience with selecting the right patients, choosing the right types of treatments, answering preoperative questions, managing intraoperative challenges and of course working the patient through the post operative course is what drives patient success and satisfaction. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Patients should expect to see quite well in terms of vision correction. But to really be happy with the results of their LASIK, we want to walk patients through an in depth discussion of how they expect LASIK to help them. Specifically we want to know about their personal goals in terms of occupation or in the workplace, for recreational activities and sports or perhaps simply to make their day more convenient-but we want to know what they expect. This gives us something to set as a goal beyond simply their visual acuity. Setting mutually agreed upon goals and expectations is really the ultimate way to get the best results for patients and drive overall patient satisfaction. 

At the end of the day getting the best results from LASIK means you need to be a good candidate, choose the right LASIK surgeon and have realistic expectations. In our current economic climate, the challenge we have is doing this for patients each and every day with an eye on value-doing it all at affordable fees that can give them the opportunity to have LASIK within their budget. We believe we can do this for all but a very few who seek our counsel. 

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