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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Astigmatism & LASIK at NW Indiana Eye & Laser

NW Indiana Eye & Laser Center offers correction of astigmatism with LASIK and other types of Laser Eye Surgery. “Astigmatism is something that is often confusing to patients. A lot of patients I speak with are under the incorrect impression that having astigmatism means you can’t have Laser Eye Surgery such as LASIK to correct your vision”, commented Indiana LASIK Surgeon Scott Buck, M.D. “In fact LASIK for astigmatism is not only possible-but we use it all the time as an excellent way to correct vision”, said Dr. Buck. Here is what you need to know about LASIK and astigmatism.

First, astigmatism is one of the common types of refractive problems that cause blurry vision. Common refractive-or eye focus problems-include nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. At Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center we can correct these types of eye problems with glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction such as LASIK.

“Astigmatism usually results from an unequal curvature of the cornea-the outermost clear dome in the front of the eye-that causes the eye to have two different curvatures and thus two different focal points. This can make images look more blurry at a specific orientation so that things horizontally are blurred or things vertically are blurred, depending on the direction of the astigmatism,” explained Indiana Optometrist & Contact Lens Specialist Dr. Stephen Buck. "Astigmatism can be very annoying visually and can even cause headaches and many visual symptoms apart from the blurriness itself,” said Dr. Stephen Buck.

“Today, as LASIK surgeons, we are able to accurately measure and treat all types of astigmatism with high degrees of precision and predictability by using very fast tracking and scanning lasers like the Allegretto Wave Laser we have at Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser,” said Dr. Scott Buck.

If you or someone you know has astigmatism and would like to be less dependent or possibly even be free from the hassle of glasses and contact lenses for seeing at distance please call Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center to schedule a Free Consultation with LASIK Surgeon Scott Buck, M.D. at 866-522-3937, or visit Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center or facebook.com/nwindianaeyeandlaser.

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