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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Indiana Eye Doctors & Contact Lenses for Swimming

Eye doctors from Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center shared information about wearing contact lenses for swimming. Indiana Contact Lens Specialist Dr. Stephen Buck commented, “We try to counsel patients that contact lenses really should not be worn for swimming, taking showers, in bath tubs or in hot tubs as this can pose safety risks to patients. Especially this time of year with the amount of time contact lens wearers spend in water related activities, we hear patient questions all the time about wanting to wear their contacts while in a pool or hot tub or even while in the shower,” further explained Dr. Stephen Buck. “This is not a good idea and can significantly increase the safety risks of contact lens wear”, noted Scott Buck, M.D. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended that contact lenses not be exposed to any form of water. Although rare, a sight-threatening eye complication, Acanthamoeba Keratitis, is caused by an organism present in all forms of impure water (i.e., swimming pools, tap water, saunas, wells, and showers). Acanthamoeba and certain forms of bacteria present in water can become attached to the contact lenses, possibly resulting in an infection. 

“We would prefer that contact lens wearers insert their lenses after showering. If lenses are being worn while showering we recommend keeping your eyes firmly closed. If you accidently wear your contact lenses while in the bathtub or hot tub avoid having water splashed into your eyes. If your eyes are exposed to water, instill a lubricating drop to help loosen the lens on the eye, remove the lens with clean, dry hands, then clean and disinfect it the lens, or discard it,” advised Dr. Stephen Buck. “Never sleep in a lens that has been exposed to water without first cleaning and disinfecting it.” 

“Contact Lenses are really quite safe to wear if your follow proper care guidelines and instructions. However, if water restrictions such as swimming, bath tubs and showering are part of your daily routine, you do need to keep your lenses out. Many more patients-even very successful contact lens wearers-finds this to be a hassle and are now interested in discussing LASIK as an option” said Scott Buck, M.D. 

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